Building Resilience.

Achieving Goals.

Changing Lives.

ChangeBud helps you stay focused on What Matters Most to You

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For Individuals

We empower individuals to build better habits and achieve their goals through our interactive eLearning modules and personalised behaviour changing app.

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For Practitioners

We enhance the reach of your training, therapy or coaching practice, through our customisable online platform which reinforces behaviour change on an ongoing basis.

For Organisations

Our Organisational Programs help employers and education providers establish a sustainable foundation for high performance by enabling employees and students to overcome challenges, and perform at their best.

How It Works

How it works

What We Offer

Resilience & Goal Setting App

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  • Personalised resilience tips
  • Audio and video exercises
  • Track your habits and goals
  • Connect to support services
  • Private and confidential

Interactive eLearning Modules

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  • Evidence-based resilience training
  • 6 modules (60 min total)
  • For employees, leaders, managers and students
  • Build awareness of the impact of stress on health
  • Learn ways of becoming more resilient
  • Know where to get help

Practitioner Support Platform

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  • Customise content for your clients
  • Conveniently set activities for clients to complete between sessions
  • Client uses App to track their triggers, symptoms, behaviours and goals
  • Practitioner and client review progress at the next session
  • Provide ongoing support for your clients following the completion of therapy

Organisational Programs

What we offer orange icon
  • Tailored for your organisation
  • Establishes a foundation for high performance
  • Incorporates the Interactive eLearning Modules, a customised version of the Resilience & Goal Setting App and the Change and Resilience Leadership Program

About Us

About us

We help people to overcome challenges & lead better lives

Exposure to stress is a part of modern life that many people struggle with. In Australia alone, a recent PWC report estimated that poor mental health impacts one in five workers and costs employers an estimated $10.9 billion in lost productivity. While researchers have identified a range of effective coping habits, they have also found that establishing new coping habits requires continuous practise outside of therapy, coaching or workshops.

Thats where ChangeBud comes in. Founded by a team of Australian psychologists, engineers and training specialists, our mission is to make it easy for users to practise new habits and change their lives. ChangeBud is designed to help with stress management, personal growth and enhance life satisfaction. You can use it to build new coping or healthy living habits, set meaningful goals and work towards achieving them, or you can simply use it to provide support to friends, colleagues and family members.

At the core of the system is our smartphone App which can be used in conjunction with a practitioner, as part of a group or organisational program, or independently for self help. While the content of the App is based on extensive research into methods of building resilience (in particular Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), it can be customised to the unique needs of each practitioner or organisation.